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Non-Surgical Laser Procedures

As the age of beauty is shaped by evolving treatments, cosmetic laser procedures may provide some of the farthest ranging benefits. From diminishing the appearance of varicose veins to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles with skin resurfacing, non-surgical laser procedures help treat a variety of skin concerns. We recommend a laser procedure for any patient looking to combat the telltale signs of aging and rejuvenate their skin without invasive surgery.

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Types of Cosmetic Laser Procedures

CO2 Fractional Laser For Anti-Aging

As the most-effective option for removing fine lines and wrinkles, a CO2 Fractional Laser treatment will erase up to seven years of age from your face, chest, neck or hands. Patients experiencing wrinkles, sun damage, melasma, loose skin or acne scars can benefit from this procedure.

During the procedure, short, pulsing light energy beams target the skin to resurface treatment areas and stimulate collagen production. Our lasers treat only a fraction of the skin area rather than the entire surface of the skin, which leads to less discomfort for the patient.

Depending on your skin goals, you may vary the intensity of your treatment. Through one or two treatments, collagen is effectively restored to the skin, which replenishes and smoothes skin for a youthful appearance. Patients will have their treatment areas numbed with a local anesthetic cream but will notice a sunburn-like feeling after the treatment. Recovery can last up to two weeks with redness persisting for up to 2 months. This laser skin resurfacing procedure typically takes anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the treatment area(s). Afterward, patients enjoy smooth, refreshed skin for up to seven years!

Vein Treatment

Laser vein removal utilizes highly concentrated light energy beams to reduce spider veins, varicose veins, reticular veins and more. This treatment is quick, noninvasive and painless. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately, normal swelling or minor bruising may be noticed but will subside within 2 weeks. Own your confidence and watch your unwanted veins drastically fade or disappear entirely!

Laser Hair Removal

Smooth, silky skin is achieved through laser hair removal sessions. As highly concentrated light is placed on hair follicles, the pigment located within each follicle absorbs the light beam which destroys the hair follicle and eradicates hair.

This treatment is most effective on any patient who has unwanted coarse or dark hair as light, thin hairs are difficult to target. The treatment area, amount of hair and what stage hair is at in the hair growth cycle will determine how many sessions are necessary to entirely remove hair.

Other hair removal methods should be avoided for six weeks prior to your appointment. Your licensed aesthetician will take all necessary precautions to ensure that surrounding skin is protected and the laser is calibrated exactly to your unique needs. Laser hair removal is a very effective, quick solution to unwanted body hair!

Hyperpigmentation Reduction

Achieve clear, uniform skin with a laser hyperpigmentation reduction treatment. Laser light pulses quickly and gently remove hyperpigmentation, sun spots, freckles, age spots and flat birthmarks. As one of the most advanced and effective treatments for addressing hyperpigmentation, patients experience quick, and safe results. This procedure is relatively painless, although this does depend on the area being treated.

Uneven skin tone, sun damage and signs of aging are effectively reversed through this procedure. Patients may need more than one treatment depending on their exact goals.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For A Laser Procedure?

The Fitzpatrick Scale is utilized to determine your skin type, the amount of pigmentation your skin has and how your skin reacts to sun exposure. This scale is considered during consultation to ensure patients are a good candidate as some skin tones do not respond well to laser procedures.

Out of an abundance of caution, pregnant or nursing women are not candidates for laser procedures. Patients taking Accutane, which may cause very sensitive skin, should consult with their physician first.

Patients experiencing fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, unwanted hair and aesthetic concerns due to spider veins or reticular veins are candidates for laser procedures.